Photography to me is not just an art form. It is a way to explore the world, capturing the light in the right moment and being able to hold that moment forever.

I love to photograph. For many years it was portraits, but slowly nature and landscapes took over. I still do a portrait now and then, but my passion is with nature and especially landscape photography. 

I always feel alive when I am outside, under the sky, in the elements. The sound of a river or creek, leaves and trees in the wind.

I live in Northern Scandinavia which means that I get to experience all four seasons during the year and I love the cold as much as I love summer. Living in the North also gives me a unique opportunity to capture different landscapes during a year.

In 2018 I started to explore the art of filmmaking, so check out the page,  "Cinematics". I will also launch a Youtube channel in 2018.

Take care and have fun. 

- Ole